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Going Abroad

Reema: To which country do you want to go?

Gauri: Canada.

Reema: Why do you want to go to Canada?

Gauri: It is a large and beautiful country.

Reema: Do you think Canada provides good career opportunities for young people?

Gauri: Certainly. Besides, it is vast and pollution free. Roads are wide and one can own a large house.

Reema: Do you have any friends or relatives there?

Gauri: My Uncle lives there.

Reema: what does he do?

Gauri: He works as a manager for an automobile showroom.

Reema: Where does he live?

Gauri: In Toronto.

Reema: When are you going there?

Gauri: Next month.

Reema: Have you got your passport ready?

Gauri: Yes, I had it made last year.

Reema: Are you going there on a short tour?

Gauri: No. I have plans to settle there. My Uncle has a vacancy of a receptionist at his showroom.

Reema: Have you cleared the IELTS exam?

Gauri: I am preparing for it and will give the exams after ten days.

Reema: Will you be able to clear it?

Gauri: Anyone with good sentence making ability can easily clear the examination.

Reema: By which Airline would you like to travel?

Gauri: I would like to travel by Air India.

Reema: Would you marry a guy living in Canada?

Gauri: I havent thought about it yet.

Reema: Would you like to study further?

Gauri: I would like to do my MBA there.

Reema:Wont you miss your family?

Gauri: Yes, I would. I would call them once I am settled there. Life is no fun without them.

Reema:There are a lot of opportunities in India too. Why didnt you consider them?

Gauri:I agree there are. But I just dont like to live here.

Reema: Why?

Gauri: Pollution, over population and corrupt are the reasons. Moreover I always wanted to live in Canada.

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