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Television and Movies

Bobby: For how many hours do you watch TV everyday?

Aman: Mostly an hour. I watch for more than two hours during holidays.

Bobby: Why do you watch television?

Aman: I watch it for information and entertainment.

Bobby: Do you watch movies too?

Aman: I dont have enough time to watch movies.

Bobby: Do you think movies are good for our society?

Aman: Most of them are not. It is a waste of time and energy. People dont learn anything good from them.

Bobby: Do you like any advertisement?

Aman: I like creative advertisements.

Bobby: Whats your favorite TV channel?

Aman: I like ESPN sports

Bobby: You seem to be very interested in sports. Are you?

Aman: Yes, very much.

Bobby: What do you expect from a TV programme?

Aman: It should be informative and encouraging. It should help us develop our persoanality.

Bobby: Dont you watch any other channel?

Aman: I also watch Discovery, History and few others.

Bobby: Do you think TV benefits our society?

Aman: I think it is both beneficial as well as harmful. Good programmes help us live a better life while the bad ones have negative effects on us.

Bobby: Is TV changing our kids too?

Aman: It certainly is. It s improving their brain power but some of them have a bad impact on their psychology.

Bobby: What is your opinion about cartoon movies?

Aman: Most of them refresh our mind. Some of them can convey a powerful message in a very simple manner.

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