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1.       It is always good to ask oneself, "What is the kindest way possible of doing this thing?"

2.       Etiquette is not just about putting others first in a way that you completely do not think of yourself.


3.       Etiquette rules should not be and cannot be memorized because it is completely unappreciable that way. It should come out of a kind and gracious spirit.

4.       Etiquette in other words means to be 'realized'.

5.       Etiquette differs from country to country and is largely dependent upon cultures and social norms differences. Respect, learn and accept the differences.

6.       When in Rome, be a Roman. Don't compare and don't criticize.

7.       Social etiquette is the most important because it is about being considerate about peoples' feelings.



Your manners should not be affected by your mood

No matter what happens to you, be in charge of your emotions as the people you’re interacting with might not know this, so you should never take it out on them. Just put a smile on your face and try to conduct the rest of your day with positivity–this might even elevate your mood. The same goes for rude people you encounter with and are snappy towards you. You don’t know what they’re dealing with, so just smile and be polite. It is possible that your positive vibes will rub off on them!

2.  Those hand written ‘thank you’ notes go a long way

This is something that you need to cultivate-The habit of dropping brief handwritten notes, thanking people for their help, time, or generosity. Everyone loves appreciation. It gives an affirmation in a small way and imparts a nice feeling of importance.

3. Mind your mani

You can have the most put-together, polished appearance, but if you have extremely chipped nail polish, it is huge turn down. Wear it correctly or don’t wear it at all. This goes along with minding your appearance in general. In the wise words of Tom Ford, “Dressing well is a form of good manners.” Always put your best foot forward.

4. Always be graciousp

You can practice graciousness in every aspect of your life, whether it’s gently turning down the guy who asked you out, or giving a few moments of time to help a stranger. The golden rule is treating others the way you want to be treated.

5. Stash the smartphone

This rule need not be truly explained. It is an understood courtesy but most often taken for granted. It’s the absolute worst to be with people who are always on their phones. Emails, social media and conference calls consume our lives you need to try really hard to put that phone down when you are out with friends.   

6. Deal tactfully with adversaries

Respectfully telling someone how you feel with a smile on your face speaks of sassiness than blowing it up on irrational people. As Winston Churchill says, “Tact is the ability to tell someone to go to hell in such a way that they look forward to the trip.”

7. Count your glasses

If you are someone that drinks this is for you. you need to understand that your behavior is going to scream your class and hence it is imperative to keep a check on your shots. Ensure that you do not embarrass yourself by literally getting those along with you giving you a piece of their minds. This could certainly translate into future endeavors.

8. Do I post or not?

Social media is becoming or rather has become an extension of a woman’s existence. You need to ask whether it’s a great idea or not to post stuff keeping your audience in mind. Keep updating your privacy settings and if possible social media could be avoided at all costs.

9. Be sensitive to people’s feelings

You cant be throwing your shoes on the doorway while your roommate has to bend forward to put it back in place or having long conversations at a public place while other people seem to be charged well with irritation. It takes a sensible mind to show some consideration.



A Gentleman Knows How to Impress

Pay Attention to little details

A well groomed body never goes out of fashion. Never leave the house without clean teeth, fresh clothes, and a fresh swipe of deodorant at a minimum.

Be punctual

When you arrange an appointment to meet with someone, you are making a promise. Punctuality indicates reliability and self-discipline; being late shows disrespect.  If you struggle with time-management issues, try reaching the root of the problem. Organize everything prior to what’s planned.  


Use proper greetings

Greet new acquaintances and people with a firm handshake and a friendly smile. Make eye contact whenever you are introduced to someone and repeat the person’s name to help you remember it. Slangs can be annoying and downright embarrassing between men.


Never go empty-handed

When you are invited to someone’s home irrespective of the occasion, always carry a gift for the host or hostess. Flowers and chocolates are all well-received gifts. If you know the host or hostess well, you could consider a more carefully chosen gift.

Know your Table Manners

Perhaps nothing marks the value of a gentleman more thoroughly than good dining etiquette. Turn off your cell phone when dining with others when engaged in a conversation. Learn the art of polite conversation to carry yourself with charm at a party.

Never put a dirty napkin on the table until the meal is completed; if you must leave the table, place your napkin on your seat.

Treat your woman well

Opening doors for a woman or offering her your arm as you walk down the street is definitely gentle mannerism. Gracefully pay the bills and avoid making a fuss over paying. Of course, if she insists on paying, you should let her.  

Remember the one exception to the ladies-first rule: A gentleman gets into a cab first and slides across the seat to make room for a woman. Avoid making her muss her dress scooting across the seat.

No vulgarities

A professional man would know this especially in public places or in front of a woman. In a small group of male friends an occasional vulgarity is fair but in other situations a foul mouth is a mark of bad manners.  There are other less vulgar ways to communicate the same feelings or expressions.

Know Your Limits

Displaying drink fancy to a certain extent is admirable of a gentleman but getting sloppy in public is not acceptable, especially not during a date or a business outing. It’s ok to throw back a few drinks with the guys in the privacy of your home, not otherwise.

Be Discreet at Work

You need to keep the company’s business private and not share sensitive information or insider secrets. When visitors enter your office, tuck away open files and papers. Always mention tell callers if you’re putting them on speakerphone.

Don’t volunteer information. It’s a wise decision to stay away from office gossip and never date co-workers; it only leads to trouble and isn’t good form.



The scientific breakdown of human communication is 9 percent writing, 16 percent reading, 30 percent speaking, and 45 percent listening. Three parts being covered under formal education. A gentleman needs to practice and master the fourth. When people are speaking, give them your all your attention. Avoid interrupting, fidgeting, or showing signs of impatience.

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