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Stress Management

In this day and age, stress is a part and parcel of our everyday lives. Every day we are faced with situations which are trying and stressful. While we avoid these as much as possible but we can make a difference only by learning to cope with stress in an effective manner . We all know how harmful stress is, and detrimental to our organs and nervous system. When left unmanaged over time, chronic stress can lead to the development of other serious ailments like, stomach ulcers, stroke, asthma and heart disease. Therefore, it becomes imperative that we take concrete steps to manage this stress. While meditation is an effective way to get rid of stress, it is also how we look at various things in our life – be it people or situations which greatly affect our stress management.

Stress management is very much a part of personality development. The stress management segment in  our personality development at Engmates  gives the students an in depth understanding of how to not only deal with stressful situations but how to change their attitude towards various things so that they are enabled to better understand themselves and find out the best solutions possible to deal with situations. Once an individual is in better control of their stress levels, they go through a sea change and can feel a positive difference. A positive attitude ensures that the person is far more empathic, willing to accept changes and learn new things.


Important Tips to Reduce Stress

Eat a healthy diet. A healthy body is better equipped to cope with stress than a malnourished one.

Eat a balanced diet. Reduce intake of caffeine and sugar

Breathe deeply when in a stressful situation

Meditate regularly as it helps to calm the mind and release anxiety

Exercise – the right kind of exercise will help you to de-stress and sleep better


Important Tips to Reduce Mental Stress

Listen to music – instrumental and devotional music helps to greatly reduce stress

Call a friend – laugh it off.  It’s not the end of the road. There’s always another day, another opportunity


Talk yourself through it – solutions are already there, you just need to be mindful

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