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Picnic Programme

Naresh: We have a holiday tomorrow. I think we should go somewhere to have fun.

Manish: It is a good idea. But where shall we go?

Naresh: Why don’t we go to the boating club? It is a wonderful picnic spot. We can enjoy boating as well as good music.

Manish : Why not?  I am ready. Ah! Here comes Monica. How are you?

Monica:  Very well. What are you guys talking about?

Naresh: We are talking about going to the boat club. Would you like to join us?

Monica: That sounds interesting. Yes, I would love to. When is the plan?

Manish: Tomorrow, as we have a holiday. What’s your opinion? When should we go?

Monica: Sounds fine. We could go in the evening. What would you guys bring along to eat?

Naresh: I shall bring burgers. Monica, get chowmein for us.

Monica: Yes, done. What about you Manish?

Manish: I shall get some drinks and snacks at the club.

Monica: Lazy guy!

Manish: Ha Ha! You guys are doing enough. I am trying to chill you out and chill myself too.

Monica: Very funny, oh please! You might as well bring the music system too.

Manish: Yes, mam.

Monica: Don’t you think it will be more fun if we have two more joining us? Maybe we could ask our family folks.

Naresh: Monica, I agree. Nut no family, pleeease.

Monica: Ha ha, alright. Let’s try calling Neelam and Varun too. They are good fun.

Manish: Yes, I shall ask them too.

Monica: Ok. When would we get back?

Manish: I think we could move out for the club by 2 p.m and get back by 7 or 8.


Naresh: Fair enough. Now that the program has been decided, let us meet up at my place tomorrow noon. 

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