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At the Electricity Board

Sharad : Hello, is this the Electricity Board?

EB Office: Yes, it is. May I help you?

Sharad : I need to lodge a complaint regarding a power cut at our residence.

EB office: I am afraid you need to contact the power house for that sir. We do not register such complaints here.

Sharad: Alright. In that case, could you please give me the contact details of the power house?

EB Office : Of course yes, Kindly note down the number. Its 2225566/67.

Sharad calls the power house

Sharad: Hello, is this the power house?

P.H. : Yes, it is.

Sharad: I need to register a complaint regarding power cut at our residence in thimayya nagar.

P.H: Whats the issue sir? How long has there been shortage of power at your place?

Sharad : Its been three hours till now and I have checked the main board. Everything seems alright there.

P.H. There must be an issue at the pole. I shall send labour to attend to it within fifteen minutes. Kindly leave your address.

Sharad : Yes, it is 15, khan market, thimmayya nagar, west phase, Bangalore.

P.H.: You may expect them in half an hour’s time sir. Thank you.

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