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Things to keep in mind while writing resume


Use simple font. Stylish fonts are not readable. 

ü Have medium size font and bullets.

ü Use bullets. They give a professional look to your resume.

ü Write an email address which sounds formal.

ü Provide active contact number and email-id.

ü Do mention an alternative number.

ü Provide an alternative number of a person who can take calls for you, understand the message and deliver it you.

ü Do inform the person whose phone number you are providing so that he/she does not wander if he/she gets a call for you.

ü Paste your picture if you wish. Your picture tells about your outer personality. (Girls can avoid it if they wish not to)

ü Use white paper.

ü Make your own resume. Just don’t copy and paste. 

ü Don’t make big paragraphs.

ü Highlight your most important achievements as the employer doesn’t have time to read your entire resume.

ü Proper formatting has to be done to make the resume look good. Take care about the choice of font, font size, colour and page margins.

ü Specifically, include the details that you want to get noticed, at the beginning of the resume.

ü List your personal details, hobbies towards the end as the employer is majorly interested in your work and education history.

ü Don’t write what you can’t explain. Be very sure about the content.

ü Mention active phone numbers and email-ids in the resume.

ü Avoid giving “hotmail” or “yahoo” id. Prefer “gmail” id, it is accounted as more professional.

ü Give alternative numbers of the person who can understand the intensity of the call / conversation.


ü Include only relevant content.

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