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Types of Interview

Types of Interview



& Unstructured




















ü Structured & Unstructured Interview

Structured Interview is the one which ensures that each interview is presented with exactly the same questions in the same order. This ensures that comparisons can be made with confidence after collecting the answers from different candidates whereas Unstructured Interview is the one in which the questions are not asked in any chronical order. The interview proceeds with the flow, no scripts are required.

ü Individual & Group Interview

Individual Interview is a general face-to-face interview. There is only one interviewee at the time. Group Interview happens with a small group of individuals, say 4-5, at the same time. This is economical in terms of time.


ü Formal & Informal Interview

Informal Interview is an oral interview which can be organized anywhere and the conversation happens in more of a friendly way. No specific rigid way is followed. The interview goes with the flow of conversation. Formal Interview, on the other hand, is held in a more formal atmosphere. The interviewer asks the pre-planned questions and therefore, this type of interview is called planned interview.

ü Screening Interview

This type of interview is generally conducted by big companies when there is a large applicant pool. It is typically the first phase of selection.  Screening interviews ensure that the candidates meet minimum requirements. It includes questions that can clarify the information found on the candidate’s resume .It majorly focuses on confidence and grammatical errors. It is the least formal of the entire face-to-face interview. They are often conducted by an interviewer from the human resources department who is skilled at determining whether there is anything that might disqualify you from the position.


ü Telephonic Interview

Telephone interviews are often used to screen candidates in order to narrow the pool of applicants who will be invited for Personal interviews (P.I.). It is a good way to minimize travel expenses. If you are not given any warning and are not ready for an interview when called, politely request the call back at another convenient time.  This will allow you to be better prepared.


ü Panel Interview


A panel interview is conducted by two or more interviewers. It is designed to reduce individual interviewer bias. One member of the panel may ask all of the questions and meanwhile others may observe you and your answer for the judgment.

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