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Calling a Doctor

Ravi Khanna: Hello! Is it Vandana Clinic?

Receptionist: Yes.

Ravi Khanna: Can I talk to Dr.M.K.Sethi?

Dr. Sethi: Hello!

Ravi Khanna: Good morning Dr. Sethi! I am Khanna from house no 27. My grandfather is seriously ill. He needs immediate treatment. Can you come here to attend him please?

Dr. Sethi: Sorry, I am unable to leave my clinic at this time. You will have to bring the patient to my clinic.

Ravi Khanna: The condition of the patient is very serious. He cant be moved to your clinic.

Dr. Sethi: But how can I abandon other serious patients at my clinic? Everybody cant be treated at the same time. Call an ambulance and get the patient admitted to the hospital.

Ravi Khanna: The hospital is really very far. You are close by and only you can save him. I request you to please come.

Dr. Sethi: Ok. I shall come. Send someone to pick me up immediately.

Ravi Khanna: I shall. Thanks a lot for obliging, Doctor.

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